When pets are part of the family

About two years ago, we adopted Roma, our dog. For those who still don’t know, Roma used to belong to the first family that I photographed. Two years ago they went to live abroad and couldn’t take Roma with them. We fell in love with him and since then he has been part of our family too. We usually say that he is a very lucky dog because he has two families. Even though they are far away, every time they come here, Roma gets to spend a few days with them.

In the meantime, Francisco was born. He is now at an age where he crawls everywhere, loves going after Roma and is curious about his toys (he might as well be curious about something less dirty, but naahh…). It’s so cute to see this interaction between the two grow. I’ve been making an effort to register this relationship since the first day we got home with Francisco.

I have been lucky enough to photograph some families with dogs or cats and they are always more than welcome to participate in the session. I love photographing the relationship between the family and their pets, especially the kids. In a documentary session where I spend a day with the family, those moments come very naturally and the photos that result from it are as genuine as they can be.

So, if you have dogs, cats, birds… include them in the session, wether that’s a documentary family session or a more directed one.

Roma with his first family (“Day in the Life” session)
Roma and Francisco
“Evening in the life” session
“Morning in the life” session
“Day in the life” session

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