The pleasure of going through the photo book of your documentary session

The creation of the photo book begins with the day of your session.

On that day, which I spend with you, I try to photograph you in the most honest way possible. I photograph the moments of your routines, the affectionate gestures and the unique expressions of the kids. I photograph those situations that are common to all families, and I photograph, above all, what makes you unique.

And photographing a day in your life is only the beginning.

Then comes the whole process of image selection and treatment that is executed with great care and dedication. My purpose is that in the future, when you look at these photographs, you will enjoy them in the most pleasurable way possible. And that’s where the book comes in.

It is a very beautiful object, robust and irresistible to pick up when you walk by it. The design is very simple and thoughtful. With one photograph per page, as you scroll through it, you find the different moments of the session, as if divided into chapters that tell the story of your day in the life. The printing is of excellent quality, with true colors and the paper soft to the touch.

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