What is documentary family photography all about?

The objective in documentary photography is to photograph the family as truly as possible.
For that reason, there are no poses or directions. You won’t hear me say “smile for the camera”, nor will I put you in a perfect happy family pose.

It’s a photojournalistic approach to family photography.

I photograph your day as you live it without interfering in your moments.

The session can be for a whole day or a part of it

And during the time I spend with you, I’ll take pictures of moments like:
the chaos of meal time; the kids bath; what they do when their parents aren’t around; those automatic exchanges of affection that you don’t even notice; the moments of tiredness; the laughter and even the tantrums.

The result are special photographs that tell your story and that truly portray your family.

In a few years’ time, these photographs will be invaluable, especially for the kids. When they grow up, they will love to see how they played and how they pouedt; what they loved to eat; their spaces (like the house they grew up in, their bedroom or their favourite restaurant).

Family documentary photography is growing and is gaining space all over the world.

The idea of photographing families with a photojournalistic approach has always excited me and, in the last years, I have tried to invest in my training in this type of photography. I studied, attended workshops and had the privilege of learning from some of the references worldwide, a learning that actually never ends.

At the moment I am part of a few associations that gather some of the best family documentary photographers in the world. I even won some awards in this area.