After the session, who owns the rights of the photographs?

kid playing with his feet, while at mom's piggyback

One of the concerns that a family may have when planning a photo session is related to the photo usage rights.
”Who owns these rights? Can the photographer, use the photos from our session to promote her work? Or is it the other way around? Do we, by paying for the session, get to own those rights?”
This post is intended to explain all about author and image rights (which is much simpler than it seems) and to explain how I work so that the rights of the families I photograph are respected.

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Why there is no posing in a documentary photography session?

why is there no posing in a documentary session

Documentary photography follows a series of characteristics based on the beauty of real photography, which makes it an increasingly sought-after style for families. Documentary photography – capturing reality When a picture is taken without anyone realizing they are going to be photographed, there is the capture of a pure moment, made of real expressions, movements …

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