The gear I use to photograph our daily life

The idea that a professional photographer only uses “sophisticated” cameras for its day-to-day photography is a myth. And, in my case, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

making crepes with the family

In this aspect, as in so many in life, I believe that the maxim “less is more” should be used.
The simpler, more practical and smaller a piece of shooting equipment is, the more often we will use it and the more pictures we will make, right?

The ease and portability of equipment is essential for us to photograph every day, especially when we are trying to photograph the daily life of our family.
I have an SLR camera, Canon 6D, which I use professionally for my photography sessions. Obviously I am used to using it and I know that it takes very good quality pictures.
However, it ends up not being very practical to use on a day to day basis, for a regular record of the photos I take.

family relaxing at the living room with dog

So I end up using my compact camera: a Fuji X70, which I love. It is a fixed lens model (no zoom) and very practical – because it ends up being a small camera with very good image quality.
However, as I don’t always have it nearby, I also use my cell phone – iPhone7.

kid in car window
dog and kid at the yard

My iPhone is not even one of the newest, nor is it known to have the best camera on the market, but it is perfectly fine for the more immediate pictures I want to take.
So I’m convinced that a practical, simple and small device is the most suitable for everyday photography.
More sophisticated equipment or equipment with more complex features, (such as SLR cameras), can be used, for example, to photograph more special occasions, such as a birthday or a family event.

For my photo project this year, Life at Home, I use both the Fuji X70 camera and my iPhone to take pictures. And, as you may notice from my weekly shares on Facebook and Instagram, the difference between the photos on the camera and the phone goes unnoticed – which may no longer be the case when I print them out on paper.
However, both devices are capable of making great photos, which give me immense pleasure to gather and share with you some of the week’s captures.

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