Hi! I’m Ana.

Yep, that’s me there on the beach many years ago during the first summer vacation of my life.
One of my favorite things to do is look at old pictures and remember about the house we used to live in, the fun Summer vacations with whole family, Christmas time and what my life was like back then.

Nowadays, when I photograph my son Francisco, I think a lot about how much he’ll love to see those pictures and hear their stories in a few years. It is, with that purpose in mind, that I make photographing him on a daily basis.

And this is exactly what I want to do with photography. I want to give the kids I photograph today, that very same feeling when they grow up. I want them to look back at these photographs in a few years, and remember how they lived, felt and specially how happy they were as kids.

I didn’t always want to be a photographer.

I am and have always been a science girl. I graduated in Physics Engineering and for a long time I believed that my professional future would be about astronomy, physics or some other technology related area.
How wrong was I? I ended up finding photography and discovered that I loved to photograph kids and families so much, that eventually I let go of physics and haven’t turned back yet.


We are a very happy family! I share my life with Miguel and in 2019 our son Francisco was born. He turned our lives around and made us realize a happiness that we did not know.
We are also lucky to live with Roma, the cutest dog ever who is the most patient brother he could be to Francisco.