Family Photo Session

The family photo sessions are approximately 1h30 long and can take place at home, outside or both.

Unlike the purely documentary approach, in these family sessions there is some posing and direction on my part. However, the search for genuine moments and expressions is always a priority. I think that the most important is to photograph your interaction, the moments of affection, the jokes and the unique expressions of each one. I believe these will be the images you will love to look at in many years to come.

Newborn Session

With newborns and young babies, the session will take place in your home.

Here we will make some more directed portraits, always with a very natural and relaxed approach at pace the baby allows.
We can also take advantage of the moments that are part of the life of having a baby at home to make some photographs with a more documental approach. Moments such as bath time, breastfeeding or diaper change, for instance.

Maternity Session

While you’re waiting for your baby to arrive, this is a very beautiful time to do a maternity session.
Then you can remember how you lived these moments of anticipation, before your baby is born. We can photograph at home or take a quiet walk in a place you like.

would you like to do a full documentary session?

Documentary Session

In a documentary session there are no poses, nor directions.
The session can last a whole day or just a part of it and, during the time I spend with you, I will take pictures of the moments of everyday life.
It is during the most ordinary moments that the personality of the kids (and grown-ups) arises and it becomes possible to photograph what is characteristic of each one. It is also during everyday life that the most genuine gestures of affection take place.