What’s the Day in the Life Session like?

In this documentary session, I accompany and photograph a family from the moment the kids wake up until bedtime.

I spend the day with you as a friend of the family would. I’ll have lunch and dinner with you and play with the kids. So, as if being part of your family during the day, my presence becomes natural and I “no longer exist” as a photographer with a camera in hand.

Both kids and grown-ups are themselves.

And it’s during the most ordinary moments that their personality arises. So it becomes possible to photograph what is characteristic of each one. It is also during everyday life that the most genuine gestures of affection take place.

Love the idea, but want something shorter?

Morning/Evening in the Life

If you prefer a shorter session, I also offer the alternative of half a day, one morning or evening in the life. It has a maximum duration of 6 hours and you can choose one of two options: start early in the morning and end at lunchtime; or start at the end of the day to include your end-of-day routine, dinner ending at bedtime.

Moment in the Life

There is also the choice of a mini documentary session, a moment in life (3 hours long). This is the ideal option to photograph a family meal, document the end of day routine, a trip to the beach or the grandparents’ house.

The Book

The best way to enjoy these photographs is definitely through the photo book (included in the session).

This is a beautiful piece that will contain a curated selection of the photos from the session.

The book is thoughtfully edited so that the photographs flow in a very natural way and tell the story of your moment, morning or day. Besides being a very beautiful object, it is also a document that reflects what your family is in this time of life.

Can you imagine the joy it will be to browse that book and how important those photographs will be in a few years?