Documentary Photography is Not For Everyone

Family documentary photography is a very particular type of photography. And the truth is, it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

When you think about hiring a photographer to photograph your family, what is it you’re looking for?

Do you dream of a beautiful setting like a park full of trees, a deserted beach or even your tidy and well-kept home? Do you imagine perfect lighting, impeccable matching outfits, and super happy kids?

Yes, those photos are possible, and there are many photographers who are excellent at what they do that will deliver those photos to you. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then a documentary session is definitely not the right option for your family.

But if, on the other hand, what you are looking for are photographs that truly portray your family as it is; photographs where you can see the personality of your children, your stories, and that reflect what your days are like at this moment in your lives, then there is no doubt that documentary session is the only option for you.

In a documentary session, there is no need to choose the perfect location for beautiful photos, no need to choose clothes on purpose and no need to alter anything in your routine to go and take some photos.

In a documentary session, I spend a whole day (or part of it, depending on the option you choose) with you. I am like a friend who visits you on that day, that happens to have a camera and photographs your day as it happens. That’s how my presence becomes natural, and I “cease to exist” as a photographer with a camera in hand.

The kids (and grown-ups) are themselves. And then it is possible to photograph what is characteristic of each one. These photographs will be the photographs that will make you return to this moment of your life and that, together with the photo book, become an important document of your history.

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