Tip X: Framing your Subjects

This is another composing technique that I really enjoy doing. It’s about placing our subjects surrounded by elements that can be seen as natural frames. Doors, trees, or even out-of-focus objects on the foreground can result in some cool frames and make the image much more interesting.


Most of the times we photograph someone, it’s not possible (or desirable) to include the whole body onto the photograph. In these situations we should be careful how to compose the photograph in order to avoid the feeling that the subject is missing a limb. To do that, we should avoid to “cut” the person …

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Tip VII: Flare

If you’ve been following my work you must’ve noticed that I love to shoot to the Sun and catch those colorful flares on the image. This effect is a consequence of undesired (or not!) light rays that enter the lens and end up being reflected and refracted when crossing the lens elements. Physics and optics …

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