Documentary Photography

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What is documentary family photography all about?


In a documentary session, the purpose is to make honest photographs of your family. So, there will be minimal interference on my part and there won’t be any poses or directions.
The session can be for a full day or only a part of it, and during the time that I spend with you, I’ll capture those moments that truly are part of your life as a family.
The result are very special photographs that not only tell your stories but also honestly portray your family and reflect each one’s personality: who you are, what you’re feeling and how you relate with one another.

If you’d love to have your family photographed with this approach, it will be a pleasure to be part of your day and spend it photographing all of you. Please check out the options I have to offer and get in touch.

I also offer short length sessions (~1h30) where the session might be divided into two parts: the first one can be focused on doing some more directed family portraits and the second would be totally documentary.




Documentary family photography is growing a little all over the world and I’ve always been excited about the idea of photographing families with a photojournalistic approach. In the last couple of years, I started to invest on my photography education in this area: I’ve studied, attended workshops, learned from the best in the industry and that is a learning process that never ends.

As of this moment I’m proudly part of some associations that gather some of the best documentary family photographers in the world: the “Documentary Family Photographers”  and “Family Photojournalist Association“. More recently you can also find me at the “Inspiration Photographers” directory.


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