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Fotografar com o iPhone

With the birth of Francisco, I started using the iPhone a lot to photograph and film him.

As expected, my photo library got messy very quickly. To find a particular photo, I spent a lot of time scrolling and looking for it.

And when it comes to photography, I really like having things organized. I always try to use apps that are practical and that help me manage the library (the iPhone app photos don’t do a lot of work in that respect).

And there are some apps that I found to be very useful. Here they are:

  • Snapseed:

Actually, I really like the native iPhone app to edit the photos. But snapseed is a very complete tool and very easy to use. For my basic treatment (crop for 3×2 ratio and contrast and temperature adjustment) the native app is more than enough. But if I want something more complex, I use snapseed.

Snapseed is also available for Android and is free.

  • Slidebox:

This app is one of my favorites. This is the app to organize the albums on the iPhone. It lets you add photos to albums or delete them in a very easy and practical way. With it I organized my entire library and deleted hundreds of photos that were only taking up space. This way, in my library, each photo is also in at least one album. The photos in the library without an album are, to me, “unorganized” photos.

This app is free for iOS and Android, but has paid features (like video organization and cloud backup).

  • Photosync:

This app is paid for iOS and free (with advertising) for Android, and is very useful!

With this app it is very easy to transfer photos from the smartphone to the computer, from the computer to the smartphone, between smartphones and beyond. 

Just select the images (we can select all), choose the destination and send. On the computer we choose which folder we want to save the photos in and it works very well!

  • HashPhotos:

This app only exists for iPhone and is a very complete tool to organize the library (it is free, but has paid features). It’s like Slidebox and photosync together, with many other extra things. What I like about this app is that it’s possible to add keywords and description to images and videos. However, if I want to keep that information when I upload the photos to the computer, I have to use this app to upload them. If we use a method other than the app (send to iCloud, for example), that information is lost. 

Despite this limitation, this app is very useful if you like to put keywords and other information in the photo metadata. If you don’t take the organization that far, slidebox is much more practical to organize by albums.

  • IFTTT:

This is not a photo app. It is a tool that allows you to automate some actions of different apps. I mainly use it to back up some albums on the google drive. When adding photos to an album, this app has an applet that takes that photo and copies it to a google drive folder. It’s a very practical and easy way to back up your favorite photos, for example. In addition to this applet, there are others that may also be useful.

This app is free for both systems (iOS and Android).

With these apps, managing photos on your smartphone is much easier. They help me a lot! I hope this post helped you too!

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