How to Photograph your Family Vacation

The summer vacations and the Christmas holidays are one of the best times to take pictures of our family. If you take a look at your old photos and albums, you’ll see that a good part of the photos you have are from summer vacation.
It’s such a fun time for the kids that we don’t want to miss the chance to document it.

LET’S photograph this summer?

Take simple, light equipment

The best advice I can give you is: take as light equipment as you can. Whether it’s a small camera or even a smartphone. With kids and all the junk you’ll have to carry, you don’t want to carry another suitcase with a big camera and lenses to shoot. Take a small camera (quality is so good nowadays); or the mobile phone can be more than enough. That way you’ll be able to photograph and enjoy the moments at the same time.

Shoot the actual trip

Start telling the story right at the beginning: packing time, the kids in the car, the stops to eat and the excitement on arrival. I remember so vividly the endless trips to the Algarve (there was no motorway yet) and the joy I felt when I got there!

Include yourself in the pictures

In every family there’s always that person who is the only one who takes pictures and then ends up not appearing in any (guess who that person is in my family). Make sure you alternate who takes the pictures so that everyone appears. They may not look so good (it can be difficult to pass that “control” on to someone else), but it is important that you also show up with your children in the photos.

Make a selection of the photos at the end of the day

Avoid accumulating too many pictures on the phone/camera. Make a selection every day and keep the ones you like the most. The rest do not hesitate to delete. A unorganized library filled with useless pictures is enough to never look at them again.
Find out more about organizing the photos on your smartphone.

Print the photos

At the end of your vacation, make an album with the best photos. There are some cool and easy tools to do that, like blurb. Seeing them on paper is definitely the best way to enjoy the photos. You’ll see it’s going to be great to flip through that album and remember this holiday later. The kids will love to show their family and friends and tell them all about it.

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