Family photo session withouT interrupting your Summer vacation?

Want to have amazing photos from this Summer, but don’t want to interrupt your vacation to schedule a photo session?

Not to mention the stress of having to mess with the kids routines, plus picking out nice clothes for the session and having to show up on time.

“A Moment in Life” sessions are the ideal option.

These are shorter than usual documentary sessions (3 hours) and are perfect to document your family vacation.

Imagine a trip to the beach or the pool, a barbecue in your backyard or a relaxed family Summer evening. A moment that is part of your Summer life and that you would like to document.
I’m the one who comes to you. And during the session I photograph your family as you are, without any posing or directions. I’ll be like a friend of the family who’ll spend a few hours with you so that the kids (and grown-ups) can go on with their fun Summer life.

Isn’t it an amazing idea?

You don’t have to interrupt your vacation to have good family photos.

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