Day in the Life

mae abraca filho ao acordar


The day in the life sessions are very special.

In these sessions, I photograph your family from the moment your kids wake up, until they go to bed. It is a full day captured through photographs that reflect what your life as a family feels like: the chaos that meals can be; kids bath time; what kids do when parents aren’t around; the tender moments, so ordinary, that you don’t even notice them; the weariness; the laughter and, of course, the tantrums.
It is a day that I spend in your company, where I have lunch and dinner with you, play with the kids and even may use their nap time to take one myself. This way, as being part of your family for that day, my presence becomes natural. After a couple of hours no one will notice the camera and I’m able to photograph your day as you truly live it.

So, do you love the idea of booking a documentary session, but don’t want the whole day covered?

That’s okay, you can book a a morning/evening in the life session, which is a 6h session and you can choose one of two options: start early in the morning and end by lunch time; or start close to evening, include family dinner and end by bed time.

If you’d like to book an even shorter session, please check out the short sessions.

Let’s do this? Leave me a message and I’ll send you all the information about the sessions.

Tell me about your family. How many are you? The kids names and ages. Where are you from? What's you favourite moment of the day?