What to wear to a maternity photo session

“What to wear for sessions?” is a question that families are constantly asking and we always talk about that before the session, so that families love to see themselves in the images.

For this kind of sessions, the main idea is to show off the belly so, tight but comfortable clothes are ideal. If you love images of the belly without clothes, a simple top might be sufficient. And you can also add a simple cardigan, it works well every time.

Regarding colors, this is a common issue for all kinds of sessions. The way to go is to coordinate the colors and avoid showing up all in the same clothes. The simplest way to do that is to pick one or two colors and you can use different shades of those colors. You can also mix them with a more neutral color (such as grey or bege).

I also like to suggest families to bring accessories like a scarf or hat (if that’s you), for instance, in order to have different textures and layers. One of you can wear a pattern as well while the others wear solids with colors present in that pattern.

The most important thing is that the clothes you wear reflect who you are. For instance, if you love to wear jeans and t-shirt (yep, that’s me!) it probably won’t make sense for you to wear a formal dress and high heels.

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