Tamara Lackey Workshop in London

A few years ago, when I first started photographing families, one of my biggest influences was definitely Tamara Lackey. You may not recall, but I mentioned her here before (post in portuguese, though), when she was about to start her first creativeLIVE workshop. Almost four years have passed since then.

When I recently found out that Tamara was coming to Europe for another workshop, I didn’t hesitate and signed up for what was going to be one of my most important experiences since I started shooting. It took place in London early July.

The workshop wasn’t only about the photography itself, but it covered everything on how to manage and maintain a business as this one. Marketing, advertising, client relationship, pricing are just a few examples of what was covered on this 3-day workshop. Besides all that and maybe what was more important to me, was the 30 minute mentoring session. It was a one on one talk with Tamara where I was able to discuss with her the most important topics about my photography business. Tamara’s effort on wanting to get to know every single one of us and our work was amazing. To me, that session was really the “cherry on top of the cake” and I left with the confidence and all the tools necessary to accomplish my goals.

The environment among everyone was fantastic, during the three days that the workshop lasted. Sarah, Tamara Lackey studio manager, was tireless organizing everything and making sure everyone was happy. On the last day, we ended the best way possible with dinner and drinks that turned out to be really fun and promised to stay in touch with each other and to report back on our progress.

During these three days we still had time to do several photo sessions with different families and kids. And I was so happy when I found out that one of them was portuguese! Here are some of the images I did.



Thank you so much Tamara, Sarah and all the participants for these amazing three days. Now, let’s get to work and put it all into practice!



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  1. There’s two pictures of my daughter and I up there – I love them, thank you so much. I loved our morning as part of the workshop, I can’t imagine how much you got from three full days!


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