Midday light | Family photo session

After a long summer break, the sessions are back on the blog.

Today I bring to you a session that was offered to André’s parents as voucher when he was born. We discussed a few ideas about the session and decided to do it at their family house, the place where they got married, which made it even more special.

To catch André in a cheerful mood, the session had to take place at a time considered to be the worst to photograph: end of morning of a Summer day with the Sun high up and without a single cloud in the sky to help out. However, that turned out not to be a problem. We made use of the shadows to filter the harsh light, we got beautiful and André’s good mood took care of the rest. Unbelievable how he was so aware of the camera at all times.

For this reason, when choosing the best time of day for a session, the kids are the bosses and if, because of that, we must sacrifice a more pleasant light, that’s not a problem.


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