Gustavo | Baby photo session

I’m in a time of my life when most of my friends are getting married, the first babies are born, all our conversations are about that and we realize we’re no longer teenagers, we’re actual grown-ups. Sometimes I don’t believe it myself. For all of this, this was a special session.

I’ve known Soraia since we were 11 years old, I think. We were in the same class for several years and with the rest of the girls we form a tight group of friends that makes an effort to get together every time possible. It makes me feel so proud to see that we reached our adulthood and our friendship remains the same. I feel even prouder now with these cute babies coming along and being the center of attention whenever we get together. And there is nothing better that a weekend among friends to serve as pretext for the session that I show you today (or was it the other way around?).

Soraia and Diogo decorated Gustavo’s room with all their care and that is where we began our session in the morning. Gustavo woke up smiling and loved the bath that his father gave to him. Already dressed up very stylishly, Gustavo then got ready for some pictures with his mom and dad and behaved like a champ.

Knowing Soraia this many years, it was with special enjoyment that I did this session and it makes me very happy to see them like this.


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