Diogo | Newborn photo session

Today is the day where I present to you Diogo, Gil’s little brother that I also photographed when he was only a few days old.

The last time I was with them, it was just before Diogo was born and, a month later I returned to their home photograph them as a family of four. This is a family already used to my camera and Diogo totally adapted himself to the whole photo session situation. We also took the opportunity to repeat a few poses to have some nice before and after the birth sequences.

This session was very important to me because it allowed me not only to register similarities of these two brothers, but also to realize how much my work has evolved.

Comparing these images with the ones of Gil at the same age (which was my very first newborn session) it’s noticeable that today I’m able to present, in my images, my own photographic style, which took a lot of time and experience to develop, and that is now quite different to what it was three years ago. I see now that, at the time, I was kind of lost on how to approach newborn photography with those newborn posing styled images.

I feel that today my images are richer and that I’m able to fill them with all the emotion and affection that involve the newborn.

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