How I photographed our baby’s first days

Ever since Francisco was born I’ve been photographing him and documenting his life. Here’s how I photographed the first days of his life.

Since I wanted to document the first days of his life, the camera was one of the things that couldn’t be missing in the maternity bag, along with extra batteries and cards. But the truth is that the camera didn’t leave the bag during the first week. Not even during the first few days at home.
The smartphone was so practical and the image quality it offers was more than enough for these day-to-day photographs. With it I made some of my favorite photos ever (proud mom speaking).

Besides how easy it is to photograph with our phone nowadays, it is awesome to easily edit the photos and share them immediately with family and friends.

But, for those who are wondering, yes, we will also schedule a professional photo session as this is a very special stage of our lives. Having someone we trust to photograph us as we just relax and live the moment is very important and results in different and invaluable photographs.

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