In the woods | Family photo session

This was the result of the casting call for families I did by the beginning of the year.

It was a different session, destined to create images previously thought of, to then be commercially available in stock websites. However there was time to do all kinds of images: a few by the picnic, some family football action as well as a few family portraits.

The wooden region of Vagueira was the chosen location for this kind of pictures. Even though the session took place during the Winter, it was an amazing sunny day. The light coming through the grove allowed me to capture some unique images.

Thank you Rita, Luís e Jobê for going along with this idea! It was lovely to meet you and so fun to photograph you!


2 thoughts on “In the woods | Family photo session”

  1. Thank you, Ana!
    For your kind words and the lovely result! It was a really pleasure to spend these moments with you! 😉


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