Gonçalo’s very first day

This was a very special session, because I had the privilege to photograph this baby just a few hours after he was born.

Still on his mother’s tummy, Gonçalo has already been photographed by Patrícia, which resulted in beautiful photographs. I’ve been a fan of Patricia’s work for a long time, you can check her work right here. (Patricia’s website is no longer online)

Patricia couldn’t be present on the day Gonçalo was going to be born, so Patricia suggested I would go there and do it (after showing my work to Gonçalo’s parents). Whitout much hesitation, I took the challenge and on that day I went to Cascais Hospital to photograph the first moments of Gonçalo’s life and the very first day of Marco and Cristina as parents! It took place on the hospital bedroom a few hours after the birth. I had never photographed such a tiny human being and it was awesome and I definitely want to repeat this experience.

recem nascido primeiro dia GJul2013

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