A fun morning | Family photo session

In this post I present to you a sports fan family.  Basketball is, for sure, their favourite sport and so one the main goals of this session was to capture that in the photographs. The photo session took place in Aveiro, early in the morning in one of the most pleasant spots of the city to go with kids do somes sports or to just go out for a cup of coffee

We began the photo session by doing some fun family pictures. The kids were really into it and had so much fun that the final images reflect their energy very well. When that was done and as we got closer to the end, it was time to relax and play. The basketball court that was right there was the perfect scenario to drible the ball. However, getting the ball that high into the basket turned out to be much more difficult than expected.

This is a kind of session that families are enjoying more often (and so am I). To implement a fun activity into the session such as playing ball, a water ballon fight or even cooking (if it takes place at home), makes the session more fun for everyone, and the images we get from that are always special.


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