Family Day

First of all, let me warn you that this is the longest post this blog has seen and I hope it’s the first of many.

When this family came to me to photograph them for the 5th time (!), they wanted something different. (By the way, there’s no better way to compliment my work than to have families who keep coming back for another and another session.)

So I suggested something different: to document their day spent together as a family starting with the morning chaos, breakfast, continuing with a walk, a lunch on their favorite restaurant, a picnic, whatever they wanted, finishing at nap time. They loved the idea right away and after sharing some ideas and rescheduling due to the weather, we finally got an amazing sunny day for this amazing session.

That was how, once again, this family received me at their home, making me feel in mine, and where I found G already awake playing with his lego toys on the living room floor. After a lot of lego constructions, it was breakfast time and afterwards the bath. By the end of morning, a walk by the river and a picnic with the cousins was the perfect program for this Spring day in the middle of Winter, that still gave us time for a walk on the beach and enjoy a bit more of the Sun. It was a full day and I loved spending it with this family again! And I’m so proud of the final result!

01-kid-playing in the liveing room 02-kid-playing-legos-on-the-floor 03-mom-dad-and-son-playing-legos 04-family-breakfast 05-kid-drinking-yogurt 06-kid-playing-hide-and-seek 07-kid-taking-a-bath 08-bath-time 09-kid-palying-during-bath-time 10-kid-on-parents-bed 11-dad-playing-with-son 12-kids-wlaking 13-sheep 14-kid-with-a-flower-in-his-hand 15-family-picnic 16-mom-and-son-playing-during-picnic 17-dad-mom-and-son-playing 18-family-photograhy 19-mom-and-son-having-fun 20-tender-moments-mom-dad-son 21-family-photo-session-at-the-beach 22-family-at-the-beach 23-family-portrait-photography


Ever since I started photographing families, this is the kind of work I see myself doing. It’s something that obviously requires more time and dedication (about 5 to  6 hours of duration) and, so, also requires other type of investment. If you’d like to have your family day documented by me in images like these, just get in touch: info@anapratas.com.

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