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In today’s photography tip, I’m going to talk about light and what to do to make the best use of it for a nice portrait of your kids.

The important thing is that light falls over the face evenly. What I mean is that we should avoid placing the subject somewhere with harsh shadow and light. The result will be a portrait filled with spots of dark shadows and bright lights that will be a huge distraction in the image. There are cases where this ends up being an interesting effect, but that’s not what happens most of the times. Here are a few examples of what I’m trying to explain and that we should avoid.


This happens in very bright days with no clouds in the sky. The solution is to place our subject in the shadow where we will have some even and directional light. It results in a much more pleasant photograph and it is much less annoying to the one being photographed. In cloudy days, this issue doesn’t occur, because the light is already soft and even, making it easier to photograph. At home, you can make use of the light coming from your windows, like I mention here.

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