A Moment in the Life – Catarina, Zé Miguel, Gil, Diogo e Roma

I have lost count of the number of sessions we have done.

This was the most recent one. A family outing on a summer morning was the ideal pretext for a “A Moment in Life” session.

We met to start a short walk along the Esgueira walkways, here in Aveiro, very close to the house they lived before moving abroad. I took Roma as usual – the dog that lived with them before living with us and is still part of the family. 

Gil and Diogo are these two “grown-ups” that you see here and that I have the privilege of photographing since they were born.

After a walk, we went to a nearby park where they could play with Roma even more like they haven’t in a while.

This was “A Moment in Life” documentary session. These sessions last 3 hours in which I photograph a moment in your life, such as a family meal, the routine at the end of the day, or a simple family walk as in this case.

It was 3 hours of a documentary session that went by without my noticing. A session without poses, nor directions that resulted in this set of photographs full of good moments.