A Day in the Life – Mónica, Ricardo, Clara e João

Dad Ricardo is a reference in family photography in Portugal. He has a beautiful body of work and has also photographed us when Francisco was a little baby. He and Monica have these two amazing kids, Clara and João that I had the privilege of photographing for a whole day, during the school vacations.

The day that began with a slow breakfast and lots of playing in the living room. After an epic pillow fight on the parents’ bed, came another one, but this one to get dressed and get out of the house.

After a trip to the market to get some fish for dinner, we went to a restaurant for lunch.

Back home, there was time for everything: playing, cooking, working, going outside and playing even more. Later, it was time for those end-of-the-day routines: baths, preparing dinner (the delicious fish), more playing, eating, and finally resting.

This was a documentary session that lasted the whole day. It was about 14 hours in which I accompanied and photographed these kids and their parents from the moment the kids got up until bedtime.

In these sessions I photograph the routines of your everyday life. I photograph the fun moments as well as the crying moments, the bickering and the affection.

It is family photography without poses and without directions.