A Day in the Life – Sara, José, Tiago e Martim

I have had the privilege of photographing these two reguilas since they were born, and it was my pleasure to photograph them for a whole day of their lives.

I met them early in the morning, still in their pijamas while their parents were trying to tidy their rooms.

In the morning we went to Costa Nova for a walk along the Ria and to eat the wonderful Atlântida custard tarts.

This was a hot summer day, the ideal day to enjoy the backyard for lunch, before we went to Águeda to see the traditional street full of hats during AgitÁgueda, which the kids loved.

At the end of the day, lots of playing, bath and dinner. And in between all of this, a lot happened and was documented like this.

This was a documentary session that lasted the whole day. It was about 14 hours in which I accompanied and photographed these kids and their parents from the moment the kids got up until bedtime.

In these sessions I photograph the routines of your everyday life. I photograph the fun moments as well as the crying moments, the bickering and the affection.

It is family photography without poses and without directions.