Real photographs of your family.
As you live your day and life happens.

Hi! I’m Ana, a family photographer specializing in documentary photography.

I do family sessions with a photojournalistic approach, where I accompany and photograph families without any posing or directions. I live in the city of Aveiro and I travel anywhere in the country or the world to photograph your family day in the life.

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Documentary Family Photography

In a documentary session, I photograph your family without interfering with your actions.
The result are incredible photographs of your moments and daily routines that you will love to remember.

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Day in the Life Session

In these sessions I accompany and photograph a family for a whole day.
If you wish to do a shorter session, check out the other options like half-day sessions (6 hours) or the “a moment in life” sessions (3 hours).

looking for a more traditional session?

Family Photo Session

Besides photographing families with a photojournalistic approach, I also love to photograph them in a more directed way. These more “traditional” family sessions are approximately 1h30 duration where we’ll do a mixture of posed portraits and documentary photography.

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5 Tips to Photograph your Family Daily Life

The most ordinary of your family daily life may not sound like something very interesting to photograph. However, I believe that that is when the kids are really themselves. And those moments end up being the ones the you’ll mostly want to remember. To photograph these little instants is something you can and should do for your own family.

about me

I’m Ana and I love to photograph kids.

I love the idea that in a few years they will look at these pictures and remember what their lives were like: the house they grew up in, the room they played in, what they did when their parents weren’t watching, what they liked to eat, what they hated.

And it is with that purpose – to create this legacy for your kids – that I photograph.

I’m available via email, phone or WhatsApp. Drop me a message and let’s talk!
(+351) 969 080 297