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Costa Nova | Family photoshoot

This session took place right here “at home”, in one of my favourite places to photograph families, Costa Nova! And because the Summer is here, I leave you here this as a suggestion of a place worth a visit, and who knows for a fun family photoshoot.

Costa Nova gives us a lot of different “sceneries”: the river and the colourful houses on one side and the beautiful beach on the other. It is a place that kids and families love and have a lot of fun at.

And this family is the perfect example of that, check it out!

baby on dad's lap with a fun expression mom holding and playing with baby baby holding his stuffed rabbit on mom's cozy lap cool looking kid on dad's shoulders mom and dad playing with their son in front of a blue house baby with his happy mom and dad baby having fun wth mom as they walk on a colorful street baby sitting on wooden walk with a curious expression mom and son having fun at the beach family of three having fun mom holding his son while he attempts to walk on sand baby on dad's lap and mom's tender look

A walk by the Vista Alegre factory | Family photo session

The area surrounding the Vista Alegre factory, in Ílhavo, was the chosen location for this family photo session.

Looking now at the images from this session, which took place during one of the last summer days, makes me miss the warm weather, the sun and wearing light clothes even more!

And to match the fun colors of this location, these kids were so full of energy and had so much fun. They were also very happy and anxious to meet their little brother that was still in their mummy’s tummy.

01-sessao-fotografica-familia 02-sessao-fotografica-familia 03-sessao-fotografica-familia 04-sessao-fotografica-familia 05-sessao-fotografica-familia 06-sessao-fotografica-familia 07-sessao-fotografica-familia 08-sessao-fotografica-familia 09-sessao-fotografica-familia 10-sessao-fotografica-familia 11-sessao-fotografica-familia 12-sessao-fotografica-familia 13-sessao-fotografica-familia 14-sessao-fotografica-familia 15-sessao-fotografica-familia

A fun morning | Family photo session

In this post I present to you a sports fan family.  Basketball is, for sure, their favourite sport and so one the main goals of this session was to capture that in the photographs. The photo session took place in Aveiro, early in the morning in one of the most pleasant spots of the city to go with kids do somes sports or to just go out for a cup of coffee

We began the photo session by doing some fun family pictures. The kids were really into it and had so much fun that the final images reflect their energy very well. When that was done and as we got closer to the end, it was time to relax and play. The basketball court that was right there was the perfect scenario to drible the ball. However, getting the ball that high into the basket turned out to be much more difficult than expected.

This is a kind of session that families are enjoying more often (and so am I). To implement a fun activity into the session such as playing ball, a water ballon fight or even cooking (if it takes place at home), makes the session more fun for everyone, and the images we get from that are always special.


One family, one frame

Familia 2015-12-13

One family, as they are, in a single frame.