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A morning at the beach | Family photo session

This was the third time that I photographed this family. It is such a privilege to be able to photograph families throughout the years and to document these kids’ growth.

This time I went to visit them at São Pedro Moel beach. A beautiful place that I hadn’t known until then. The session took place in the morning under a bright Sun and the kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand and by the sea.

family playing by the water at the beach kids running towards the sea little brothers having a chat by the water at the beach kid walking in the sand kids at the beach, one of them crying kid cries while dad kisses him for confort kid throwing a rock at the beach kid walking near the water while holding rocks in his hands dad playing with his kids at the beach mom playing with her kids in the sand family having fun at the beach little kid holding a stick at the beach mom and son laughing father holding his son mom holding her son family in the sand having fun

Beach vacation in Portugal | Family photo session

While on their Summer vacation at the beaches of Barra and Costa Nova, this family decided to do a photo session to document those happy relaxing days. It took place on a weird afternoon, because on that hot day flames were consuming forests and threatening cities all over the country and the sky presented the weirdest color, quite different than the usual beautiful blue sky.

However, this family’s happiness overcame the sadness of those days and these images, filled with color, reflect the joy of a fun family vacation.


How he’s grown | Family photo session

Already back at work, today I show you this family session that I loved to photograph. It was more than a year ago that I photographed them for the first time, at their home, when Zé Pedro was only a few months old. Now, I met them once again with a quite different Zé Pedro, grown up, with a beautiful smile, such curious eyes and the most fun curly hair. It was very fun session, with lots of laughter.


What to wear to a family photo session

In some previous post I did a few suggestions about what you should wear to maternity photo session as well as to a baby photo session. This time I touch the subject once again and advise you on what you should wear to a family photo session, where the kids may be a bit older and may have siblings.

I usually advise families to try and coordinate the colors. Please avoid the typical jeans and white t-shirts for all. The goal of the session is to also capture the different personalities and the clothes you choose have an essential role there. As I mentioned in the previous posts, you can pick two or three colors and mix those with some neutral tones as well (white, grey). One thing you should avoid is logos and cartoons on shirts, because they end up being a huge distraction in the final image. However, there are exceptions, and if a t-shirt with a major cartoon is your kids favorite at the moment, it makes sense to include it in the session, even for a few pictures. That’s the kind of detail that shows the kid’s personality and that you will love to remember in the years to come.

Regarding patterns (stripes, polka dot, plaid shirts), yes use them but not too  much.: avoid mixing different patterns (it’s not easy to make them all work). One of you may wear a pattern while others wear something solid with colors present in that pattern. You can also mix those solid shirts with a scarf or a cardigan or any other element that offers a different texture as well.