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Here you’ll find all posts of newborn photo sessions that were published on this blog.

Since then, my photography has evolved to a more documentary type of work and some posts may not be true to how I photograph nowadays.

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Martim has arrived

Martim has arrived and, just like I did with his brother Tiago, I’ll photograph his growth along the first months of his life.
This newborn session went very smoothly. Probably his brother, already experienced, told him a few tips and I even ended up trying to recreate a few of the images I did with Tiago two years ago.
Check it out and try and find the differences. Don’t forget to drop by to check on Martim’s growth that I will photograph this year.
bebe recem nascidobebe recem nascido com pai e maebebe recem nascido e irmaobebe recem nascidobebe recem nascidobebe recem nascidobebe com paibebe com a maerecem nascido com a familiafamilia a brincar na camabebe recem nascido

First time photographing newborn twins

Débora and Édgar were about one month old by the time of this session and they were so calm, that made my first time photographing baby twins a lot easier.

This session was actually a gift from their proud aunt, who was so in love with her nephew and niece that decided to offer them the chance to be photographed during these first moments of their lives. Newborn photography is always a challenge. So when there’s two of them, it doubles, but so does the fun and pleasure I have doing it.

And here’s the result: Édgar’s more serious expression contrasting with her sister’s finer features, their warmth, one’s hand looking for the other’s, their parents sweetness. I would love love to do this kind of session again.

Pai, mãe e filhos gémeosPai com bebés gémeosPai e mãe com bebés gémeosGémeos Recém-nascidosMãe com bebé recém-nascidoMãe com os seus bebéspestanas de bebéGémeos recém-nascidosGémeos recém-nascidosGémeos recém-nascidosGémeos recém-nascidos


Gonçalo’s very first day

This was a very special session, because I had the privilege to photograph this baby just a few hours after he was born.

Still on his mother’s tummy, Gonçalo has already been photographed by Patrícia, which resulted in these amazing images. I’ve been a fan of Patricia’s work for a long time, you can check her work right here.

Patricia couldn’t be present on the day Gonçalo was going to be born, so Patricia suggested I would go there and do it (after showing my work to Gonçalo’s parents). Whitout much hesitation, I took the challenge and on that day I went to Cascais Hospital to photograph the first moments of Gonçalo’s life and the very first day of Marco and Cristina as parents! It took place on the hospital bedroom a few hours after the birth. I had never photographed such a tiny human being and it was awesome and I definitely want to repeat this experience.

recem nascido primeiro dia GJul2013


A few weeks ago I went all the way to Leiria to photograph this cute cute 12 day old newborn. How about his parents, they were so proud and full of joy.  Take a look!