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Here you’ll find all posts of newborn photo sessions that were published on this blog.

Since then, my photography has evolved to a more documentary type of work and some posts may not be true to how I photograph nowadays.

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4 weeks old baby girl | Newborn at home session

A few months ago I traveled to Marinha Grande to meet and photograph this sweet baby girl, 4 weeks old at the time. Between a crying moment here and there (which is part of the real life of having a baby), Madalena showed all her personality during the session with her unique face expressions.

newborn hand detail while breastfeeding mom breastfeeding her daughter newborn curiously looking at dad newborn baby girl with her mom and dad mom trying to get her daughter's attention with her hand newborn crying on dad's lap mom breastfeeding her daughter in the nursery room newborn hand detail newborn looking through her mother's shoulder newborn baby girl with her mom and dad

Clarinha | Newborn photo session

After photographing these mom and dad before their baby girl was born, the so much waited time for Calrinha’s newborn photo session has arrived. It was so nice to return to Coimbra and meet this sweet baby the let me photograph her at my will along with her “oh so happy” parents.

It is always a delight to do these newborn sessions at the family’s home. The comfortable and cozy environment for the babies is so well reflected in the final result, as you can check by the images I bring you today.


Diogo | Newborn photo session

Today is the day where I present to you Diogo, Gil’s little brother that I also photographed when he was only a few days old.

The last time I was with them, it was just before Diogo was born and, a month later I returned to their home photograph them as a family of four. This is a family already used to my camera and Diogo totally adapted himself to the whole photo session situation. We also took the opportunity to repeat a few poses to have some nice before and after the birth sequences.

This session was very important to me because it allowed me not only to register similarities of these two brothers, but also to realize how much my work has evolved.

Comparing these images with the ones of Gil at the same age (which was my very first newborn session) it’s noticeable that today I’m able to present, in my images, my own photographic style, which took a lot of time and experience to develop, and that is now quite different to what it was three years ago. I see now that, at the time, I was kind of lost on how to approach newborn photography with those newborn posing styled images.

I feel that today my images are richer and that I’m able to fill them with all the emotion and affection that involve the newborn.

Mãe conforta recém-nascidoFamilia com recem-nascidoGravidez antes e depoisBebe recem-nascidoBebé recem-nascidoPai com bebé recem-nascidoPai com bebé recém-nascidoPai com bebe recem-nascidorecém-nascido com mano mais velhoMãe com bebé recém-nascidoRecém-nascido com irmão mais velhoFamilia de quatro com recém-nascidoAntes e depois da gravidezAntes e depois da gravidez

Rita | Newborn photography at home

A few weeks ago I brought to you a maternity session with Rita’s parents that took place in Costa Nova.

Today I present to you this sweet baby girl that I met at the comfort of her home, days after she was born. The cozy environment, as you can tell by the images, is what I like most about when I photograph families at their homes. The babies are more comfortable and calmer, which makes my job easier too. And Rita behaved like a pro, with her little eyes open, aware to what was happening.

01 fotografia de recem-nascido02 recem-nascido com mae03 sessão fotografica recem-nascido04 mae e bebe05 fotografia de recem nascido06 sessao fotografica de recem nascido07 fotografia de bebes08 fotografia recem nascido casa09 bebe com mae10 bebe com pai11 fotografia familia e recem nascido12 sessao recem nascido