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A family growing | Maternity photo session

I’ve been photographing this family from the moment Gil was born. He was “my” very first baby and I had the opportunity to photograph his growth along his first year. Now that this family has grown, it was specially gratifying to photograph them as they waited for their new baby and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Gil was very happy with the arrival of his little brother and everyone’s excitement with this pregnancy is quite visible in the images I bring you today, which are from the first photo session, at 6 months of gestation. We began with a fun walk at the beach and ended at home, where we did some images to be repeated closer to end of the pregnancy. Soon I will show some more images of this growing family.



To photograph in Costa Nova

I don’t get tired of photographing in Costa Nova and every time I go there the result is always different. Wether because I discover different colors, the different hour that sessions take place, the weather conditions or the even the tide, every thing seems to come together on every session to make it unique. I choose new textures, try a different color and wait for the right light. And the sea is always an amazing backdrop.

This time I photographed Daniela and Renato’s happiness as they waited for Rita, at the peak of Summer, in August. A month later I got to meet her and to photograph her. You’ll meet her in a future post.

sessao fotografica maternidadesessao fotografica gravidezfotografia de gravidezsessao gravidezfotografia de maternidadesessao gravidafotografia gravidasessao-maternidade-08gravida na praiasessao gravidez praiasessao praia

Session in Costa Nova

The old Costa Nova haystacks, nowadays transformed into habitational homes mostly use over the Summer, were the preferred location for this young couple. And the choice couldn’t be better for this session. In the last days of this late Summer, I was able to capture their tranquility as they wait for their first son in combination with the gentleness of the sea. In the same way, in that balance of lines and color, I photographed their calmness that is so well reflected in these images.

Sessão maternidade na costa novafotografia na costa novafotografia de grávida aveirosessão de grávida costa novaFotografia de maternidade aveirosessão maternidade na praiasessão fotográfica na praiafotografia de grávida na praiasessão maternidade na praiaana pratas fotografia


Everything ready for Martim’s arrival

Martim’s mom had already whispered to him that everything is ready. The family has just moved to a new home and I got all set up to photograph him, just like I did to his big brother Tiago. It was incredible to follow the growth of Tiago from the very first days and later for his first smiles, first time sitting, his first steps and first runs on the park. Tiago’s parent were anxious to meet their second son Martim and want to keep these important moments of his life as well.  He has no idea how fun it will be and I’m sure I’m going to love  to photograph him and his family.

sessão maternidade-1sessão maternidade-2sessão maternidade-3sessão maternidade-4sessão maternidade-5sessão maternidade-6sessão maternidade-7