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Here you’ll find all posts of maternity photo sessions that were published on this blog.

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Expecting Catarina | Maternity photo session

Nearly three years ago I traveled to Lisbon to meet and photograph this family while they were expecting their first baby. It was a beautiful maternity session in some amazing locations. Now, as they expected their second baby, a baby girl, the idea was to repeat the experience in a different but equally beautiful location.

However the weather didn’t help, it poured that day and the session ended up taking place at their home. As I mentioned several times here, I love to photograph families at home. It’s such a cozy and comfortable environment, some of the home details end up being part of the images, the kids are much more at ease and the result is always special.

And it feels so good to be able to capture the tenderness of Eduardo as he cuddles his baby sister still in the mommy’s tummy!


Waiting for Clarinha | Maternity photo session

Clarinha’s nursery was almost ready when, last December, I had the opportunity to photograph her parents in Coimbra.

It was a cold day, so we began the session in the comfort of their home. We then took walk by the Mata do Choupal, where its Winter colors ended up being the most perfect scenario to register this special stage of their lives.

In the meantime, Clarinha was born (she’s so cute!) and I already have such beautiful photographs to show you! But I’m saving them for another post.


Waiting for Guilherme | Maternity photo session

This was another fun session at Costa Nova beach. It took place this past Summer and Nuno, Sara and I took a walk at the beach, while they were waiting for their first son. The fun was a constant in this session and we laughed a lot.

In the meantime, Guilherme was born and I just can’t wait to meet him and to photograph them as a family of three.


A family growing II | Maternity photo session

As promised in this post, I went back to this family’s home for a vey fun session just a few days before Diogo is born. I began to photograph them at home where Gil was once again the main center of attention of my camera, with his contagious laughter. His mom’s tummy was his main attraction that he hugged with tenderness. Later it also served as a canvas that , with help from dad, they painted it filling with it color, under mom’s attentive surveillance. I actually don’t know who had the more fun here.

The session ended with a small walk outside for some very cute final pictures.