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Here are gathered all family, newborn and maternity photo sessions that were published on this blog since 2011.

Since then my photography has evolved to a more documentary type of work and some posts may not be true to how I photograph nowadays.

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When pets are part of the family

About two years ago, we adopted Roma, our dog. For those who still don’t know, Roma used to belong to the first family that I photographed. Two years ago they went to live abroad and couldn’t take Roma with them. We fell in love with him and since then he has been part of our family too. We usually say that he is a very lucky dog because he has two families. Even though they are far away, every time they come here, Roma gets to spend a few days with them.

In the meantime, Francisco was born. He is now at an age where he crawls everywhere, loves going after Roma and is curious about his toys (he might as well be curious about something less dirty, but naahh…). It’s so cute to see this interaction between the two grow. I’ve been making an effort to register this relationship since the first day we got home with Francisco.

I have been lucky enough to photograph some families with dogs or cats and they are always more than welcome to participate in the session. I love photographing the relationship between the family and their pets, especially the kids. In a documentary session where I spend a day with the family, those moments come very naturally and the photos that result from it are as genuine as they can be.

So, if you have dogs, cats, birds… include them in the session, wether that’s a documentary family session or a more directed one.

Roma with his first family (“Day in the Life” session)
Roma and Francisco
“Evening in the life” session
“Morning in the life” session
“Day in the life” session

In Aveiro, Portugal | Family photo session

It was right here in Aveiro that I met and photographed this fun family. We began by photographing at their home with the kids very involved in their playful world, and afterwards went to park that was just right around the corner.

I loved meeting these two brothers: Afonso (the oldest), was always with his energy level up high, always jumping and running, wether he was indoors or outdoors; and Gonçalo, such a cute baby, he well tried to keep up with his brother, but by the end he was napping in and out in his baby cart.

It was such a fun upbeat session, with a very happy family. The images speak for themselves.

kid not letting his little brother - who cries- play with him dad playing with baby son in his lap baby playing with his feet in his moms lap fun baby smiling mom playig with her son by turning his head down kid jumping out of the sofa with his family engaged with him kid laughing wilhe jumping out of the sofa with his family engaged with him kid laughing while antecipating dad's throwing him playing balls kid throwing playing balls over his dad baby standing with hi moms help two brothers portrait mom and dad snuggling their baby son kid laughing hard while he tries to run from mom by grabbing his dads legs kid has a conversation with a swing dolphin dad throws son in the air mom and son having a tender moment parents hold their son who looks over their back baby in his cart while family plays in the park

A morning at the beach | Family photo session

This was the third time that I photographed this family. It is such a privilege to be able to photograph families throughout the years and to document these kids’ growth.

This time I went to visit them at São Pedro Moel beach. A beautiful place that I hadn’t known until then. The session took place in the morning under a bright Sun and the kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand and by the sea.

family playing by the water at the beach kids running towards the sea little brothers having a chat by the water at the beach kid walking in the sand kids at the beach, one of them crying kid cries while dad kisses him for confort kid throwing a rock at the beach kid walking near the water while holding rocks in his hands dad playing with his kids at the beach mom playing with her kids in the sand family having fun at the beach little kid holding a stick at the beach mom and son laughing father holding his son mom holding her son family in the sand having fun

Costa Nova | Family photoshoot

This session took place right here “at home”, in one of my favourite places to photograph families, Costa Nova! And because the Summer is here, I leave you here this as a suggestion of a place worth a visit, and who knows for a fun family photoshoot.

Costa Nova gives us a lot of different “sceneries”: the river and the colourful houses on one side and the beautiful beach on the other. It is a place that kids and families love and have a lot of fun at.

And this family is the perfect example of that, check it out!

baby on dad's lap with a fun expression mom holding and playing with baby baby holding his stuffed rabbit on mom's cozy lap cool looking kid on dad's shoulders mom and dad playing with their son in front of a blue house baby with his happy mom and dad baby having fun wth mom as they walk on a colorful street baby sitting on wooden walk with a curious expression mom and son having fun at the beach family of three having fun mom holding his son while he attempts to walk on sand baby on dad's lap and mom's tender look