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This a project that was done throughout the year of 2013 in collaboration with two fellow photographers: Dado Calabresi and Patrícia Matias.

Each month we photographed and shared the images  within a theme selected by all of us. Each of these posts corresponds to each monthly theme.

It is possible that the links to Dado and Patricia’s images stopped working as both of their blogs have been discontinued.

The Way I View… Them

Last month of the year… last post from this project (it may the end of these monthly challenges, but others will come, a lot of ideas for 2014!).

For this final post and to celebrate us getting here, Dado and Patrícia came to Aveiro for a day filled with photography. This “reunion” took place the day after I presented my PhD thesis and, for that, had also a special tone to it. A very important part of my life is ending, as the rest of my life begins. And it was so good to have Dado and Patrícia with me.

After talking about how we would approach this them, we agreed that the main idea would be to photograph each other and do some portraits, so that we’d have a nice set of images that represented what that day was and our state of mind after doing this project for a year. Oh, we couldn’t have found a better way to finish it. After this year, we have all grown as photographers and we keep working on our projects with much more enthusiasm.

Don’t forget to drop by Dado’s and here you can see all blog post from this project.

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The Way I View… Food

Food photography is not, at all, something I pursue and love doing. I’m also not much of a cook (I love to eat, not so much to cook).

However there are times, like Christmas that is just around the corner, where food gains a very important role. One of our traditions, which is essential every Christtmas, is my grandmother’s delicious broinhas. These last years, she’s not the one who makes them, but is always overseeing the process and I photograph it. I would definitely eat one or two right now!

Please drop by Patricia’s post after this.

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The Way I View… the Night

What I enjoy most about night photography (besides the starry sky) are the colors. The colors of the night beginning under a cloudless sky, the street lights, the traffic lights, the cars, the rainy nights that leave those beautiful reflections and so much more. And that’s what I focused on for this month theme. Aveiro is not the most colorful city of world, at night, but I hope you enjoy these images.

And do not forget to drop by Dado’s after this.

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The Way I View… Light

For this month we chose the most important element in photography: light!. It is light  that, by hitting our sensor, makes the image and that we always try to make the most use of to make an interesting picture. It’s something that we, as photographers, are constantly noticing: its quality, color, direction and even the patterns it produces. And this last topic, shadow/light patterns, was my focus during this month. They’re different images than what I usually make, but somehow, they have got my attention by the generated patterns.And lastly, the responsible for all of this, the Sun.

Afterwords go to Patricia’s blog!

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