Short Sessions

miudo agarra-se as pernas do pai e mae tenta apanha-lo


The short photo sessions have a duration of approximately 1h30 and we will do a mixed of posed and documentary photography.


Family photo session – at home or outside

In these sessions, I will give you some direction for some posed, yet very laid back, photographs. The pursuit for genuine moments and expressions is always a priority and, to produce true interaction and reaction, there will be lots of play and fun. The result will be a set of natural looking photographs of your family.

We can also (and I suggest that we do) include one or two fun activities that everyone enjoys. Then, the photography will be 100% documentary and there will no posing whatsoever. All you have to do is have fun.

If you don’t have any ideas for a cool activity, don’t worry, I have lots and I’m happy to help you find some that you will all love.


Newborn/baby photo session

When it comes to small babies and newborns, the photo session takes place in your home.

In these sessions we will also do some posed photographs. However we can (and should) include those moments that are a part of the life of having a baby such as the bath time and breastfeeding, for instance.


If you’re interested in booking a full documentary session, please check out the day in the life sessions. 

Let’s do this? Leave me a message and I’ll send you all the information about the sessions.

Where are you from? Are you expecting a baby? How many children do you have? As a family, what do you love doing for fun?