How I photographed our baby’s first days

About a month ago we welcomed our baby boy into our lives. These have been very tiring and intense days, but we couldn’t be happier. He’s such a sweet baby and he has been, of course, very photographed since day one.

Since I wanted to document the first days of his life, the camera was one of the things that couldn’t be missing in the maternity bag, along with extra batteries and cards. But the truth is that the camera didn’t leave the bag during the first week. Not even during the first few days at home.
The smartphone was so practical and the image quality it offers was more than enough for these day-to-day photographs. With it I made some of my favorite photos ever (proud mom speaking).

Besides how easy it is to photograph with our phone nowadays, it is awesome to easily edit the photos and share them immediately with family and friends.

But, for those who are wondering, yes, we will also schedule a professional photo session as this is a very special stage of our lives. Having someone we trust to photograph us as we just relax and live the moment is very important and results in different and invaluable photographs.

How about you, do you photograph a lot with your smartphone?

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Why and how to photograph your own family daily life?

The most ordinary of your family daily life may not sound like something very interesting to photograph. However, I believe that that is when the kids are really themselves. And those moments end up being the ones the you’ll mostly want to remember.

To photograph these little instants is something you can and should do for your own family.

When I photograph families, whether on a documentary or a more typical session, even though the parents are the ones who hired me, my mind is on the kids. It is mainly for them that I photograph, because in the future, I know they’ll be the ones who will appreciate them the most. I know this, because that is exactly what happens to me today, when I look at those old pictures from my childhood.

And my favorite moments to photograph are those most ordinary of the family life, like getting the kids dressed and ready, the meals, or even when kids simply go to the bathroom. I believe that in those situations is when their personality becomes more evident and the result are the photographs that will be most cherished in the future.

For instance, the expressions they make when they don’t like the food and even try to reject it, or when they love it and eat it very enthusiastically; when they go to the toilet and just can’t keep still, they start messing with stuff at their reach, get distracted, and some even fall asleep.

Mãe a tentar dar comida a criança

To photograph these situations the most important thing is to be prepared.

As a photographer that accompanies the family in their everyday life, a big part of my work is preparing and anticipating those quick instants. I observe the kids behaviours, I understand the space, and position myself for the best composition and light, to be ready for when it happens.

Here, the parents, have a huge advantage. You know your kids better than anyone and know when they make those expressions and gestures, you know what triggers them. So, you just need to be alert and shoot at the right time. And if it doesn’t work, you know you can try again later, because those situations keep repeating.

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Limited availability in 2019

For the best reason in the world, the availability for photo sessions will be limited this year.

I am pregnant and in the next few days we expect the birth of our first baby. As the baby bump grows, so does the anxiety of meeting him. We can’t wait!.

Barriga de gravidez

So, I won’t be scheduling any sessions for a few months. I will reopen the calendar by May/June and for the rest of the year the availability will be very limited.

If you wish to schedule a family photo session in 2019, you should reserve it as soon as possible. To know more about the photo sessions and guarantee your session , you can reach me via email ( or by phone (+351 969080297).

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Start the new year photographing your family

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