Exaggerate your perspective angle | Photography tip

On the very first tip I shared on the blog (link here) I talked about the importance of getting down to the kids eye level when you’re photographing them. However, one thing that I love to do (and I do it a lot!) is to exaggerate my angle of view and shoot from down upwards as well as from up downwards.

To point your camera from down up, gives you much more of that kids perspective that everything surrounding is so much bigger than them. I like to use a wide angle lens is some cases, where it’s possible to include that huge space and other elements, that surround them, such as toys, in the image. But I also use sometimes a longer lens to isolate the child and make him occupy the whole frame, which gives the feeling of the kid being small but giant at the same time.


To shoot form up downwards gives a totally different perspective. With younger babies that love to be with their tummy up, this is a delicious thing to try. But I also love to capture those moments where a kid is playing on the floor for instance, or even that curious look they give when I call their attention and they look up.

Try it!


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